Free Classifieds

Most of us are familiar with Craigslist , a wonderful, free website offering all kinds of postings–from jobs, to rides, to personals, to used furniture, to real estate. Real estate is my favored use, of course. I put all my listings there as well as rental postings for my investment properties. The orignally San Francisco-based website, now with local portals all over the country brings in a youngish, internet-savvy crowd, but, increasingly, also the older folks.

Craigslist is a great thing, and now more amazing free portals for real estate are following in the master’s footsteps. The latest one I’ve become aware of is Backpage , free classifieds from L.A. Weekly. Offering jobs, musicians, rentals,buy/sell/trade, free classes in anything you can think of, Backpage is also all over the country. My listings go here as well. Like Craigslist, the listings are not organized in any particular way.

Other sites for real estate that I can think of include Oodle, Hotpads , Geebo , Olx , Vast , all with a slightly different emphasis and all nationwide. Then there’s anything you can describe, including real estate, at GoogleBase .

You could drive yourself crazy searching in all these sites…For local listings and that means all of Southern California as well as parts of San Francisco and parts north, check my website.

If you’ve got a favorite real estate website, let’s hear about it.

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