Cheap Gas 4 U

Price of gas got you down? Like weight, it seems to go up for no reason and never go back down.

Today the price per barrel went over $122. That seems really uncalled-for…Whatever the reasons put forward by the experts–our huge deficit causing the dollar to weaken, the Straits of Hormuz jammed with U.S. carriers seemingly intent on bombing Iran, burgeoning demand in billion-people nations–it’s still tough to handle all at once. Bearing in mind that European nations are paying the equivalent of $8 and $9 per gallon and have for years, we seem to have little to look forward to.

What to do? Most of us already know that no matter what vehicle we drive, it’s a gas guzzler, especially
compared to what they drive in Europe and Asia. Down the line, we might be prepared to buy a more economical vehicle, but that doesn’t ease the pain NOW.

It’s pretty clear the pain is going to be here from now on. We can mitigate it. We can’t make it go away. OK, all that said,  where’s the cheapest gas?

One place to look is online. Check out Gas Buddy to find the cheapest wherever you are. If you don’t have the patience to mess with that, discount stores are also in the gas business. Sam’s Club has pumps in Glendora, Costco has pumps in Azusa and perhaps soon in the new store in Glendora.

Checking out property the other day, I finally noticed that Vons in La Verne moved across the street on Foothill, leaving its old digs in pretty shabby shape, I must say. Things change, of course, and the great thing for Vons is that it gets to have GAS PUMPS in its new, refurbished shopping center. Vons has had gas pumps for years in Ontario, but it’s new here. As of today, check out the prices:

They are still outrageous and yet, …better than nothing. You do need to have a Vons card for which you must register, give your info and all that.

What else to do? Well, we in real estate are doing our best to make a small dent and it seems that’s the only way we’re going to solve this crisis–save a little here, save a little there. That sounds too much like dieting so let’s just point out the progress real estate has made to save a little gas.

Looking for a home back in the old days [the year before last] used to involve a lot of driving around checking out properties. That’s not eliminated entirely, of course, though I have had clients who bought property sight unseen. In fact, I’ve done it myself. It’s not usual, though, and can lead to some nasty surprises. I learned the hard way. Anyway, if you’ve searched through the MLS for comps or a new home which, by the way, you can do easily on my website, you know that each listing has plenty of pictures. Many listings have visual tours which even include shots of the neighborhood.

But, did you know that using Google Earth you can get right down to a street view? Did you know that Google Satellite will give that bird’s eye view you can get only from the sky? You can scrutinize buildings, terrrain, points of interest. Some places, especially dense urban areas, have user-created maps available. This is in some respects much better than driving around. Ask me to send you listings and you will get all that.

Amazing, but true–Google Earth is saving lots of gas. I don’t know exactly how much, but we in real estate along with all our clients are grateful.

2 thoughts on “Cheap Gas 4 U

  1. A moped might help. I kinda like the Vespas, especially the red ones, but I can’t see driving on the freeway on a moped…That website now––that’s a big help. I like the way each tip reflects how much per gallon it will save. And the MAC gas widget is really good…

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