Costco Opening Day Party

The much-contested construction of Costco Warehouse store in San Dimas on the corner of Lone Hill and Gladstone is almost finished. Tomorrow, May 15th, all the neighbors and well-wishers as well as the just plain nosy Parkers are invited to a big Opening Day Party starting at 6 PM.

The next day, Friday, May 16th, the store will open its doors to the public. Friday will be the first day of business. To be honest, the site doesn’t look ready today. If everything goes as planned, getting the site prepared in just one day will be a construction miracle. Nevertheless, key construction personnel are quite confident that the store will be ready as planned.

Of course, as mentioned in a previous post, this site will also feature a gas station. For sure the gas station will open on time because it’s clearly ready to go right now. So, Friday, May 16th, come take a look ready to fill up.

It remains to be seen how well this store will do. Much of the brouhaha over its construction concerned its negative effect on an already ridiculously congested corner. Now, it seems that not only will Lone Hill be impassable, but, possibly Amelia Avenue with its two elementary schools, one in San Dimas and one in Glendora, will become a raceway. Let’s hope not.

As for other concerns, we all await the outcome of the battle of the titans as Costco goes head to head with Sam’s Club across the street. Does one warehouse offer something the other doesn’t? We shall see…

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