Update on Costco San Dimas

Referring to Costco’s opening day party last week, I mentioned that the site did not look ready. Was I wrong!? Opening Day Party took place as planned. The next day, Opening Day, the parking lot was jammed. Incredible! Where did all those people come from? There is another Costco a fews miles down the freeway in Azusa. Plus, we have a Sam’s Club right next door, which, come to think of it, does seem to have fewer customers than usual.

A big draw for all the neighbors will undoubtedly be the gas station. The prices are excellent and it’s getting harder and harder to find less-than-astronomical prices.

In defense of my first impression, that the site was far from ready, the parking lot, now already packed with shoppers’ vehicles, features several apparent dirt mounds. Yes, they do look like burial mounds of the ancients. Their true purpose, though, is to serve as pads for the restaurants that will subsequently be built around the warehouse store. For now, the parking lot is so busy, all the dirt pads are full of cars as well.

Anyway, kudos to Costco. The opening took place on time. Good planning and good execution. Now, we’re all looking for a good old-fashioned price war. So far, Costco seems a little bit cheaper on gas….

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