Update on Prop 98 NO, Prop 99 Yes

Well, once again the forces of light have prevailed against the dark as the people of California have resoundingly defeated Prop 98 and voted for Prop 99. Perhaps the era of tricking the dummy voters has really passed and proponents of such measures will have to clarify exactly what their measures will mean in the future. As it is, smart voters have got their number.

Statewide, the NO vote to Prop 98 was 61% to a meager 39% yes, so the defeat of this tricky measure was overwhelming. To seal the deal, voters came out 63% YES on Prop 99 to 38% no. Voters clearly DID understand what they were voting for and made their feelings completely clear. L.A. County, which does have several large cities which voted in rent control years ago, including the City of Los Angeles itself and Santa Monica, followed statewide trends in voting almost identically. Orange County, predictably, was split almost 50/50, while San Bernardino, Riverside and Ventura Counties all more or less reflected statewide proportions.

What does it all mean? It means for sure that Orange County is apparently at war with its previous incarnation as a far-right bastion. Maybe we’ll see some surprises there in the next election which is, of course, the BIG ONE in November. It may mean that statewide voters are sick of tricky politics. It may also mean simply that voters were willing to delineate eminent domain back to the point we had all thought it belonged prior to the Supreme Court’s shocker Kelso decision in 2005. It may also mean that statewide voters think that rent control decisions belong with the individual communities where they have always been.

So, if you want to abolish rent control, do it in your local city council. If you don’t have the patience or can’t see that happening where you own property, then, the best choice is to buy rental property in areas where there is no rent control. Those areas include almost all the San Gabriel Valley, from Pasadena, Monrovia, Arcadia to Glendora, Azusa, Pomona, Claremont as well as San Bernardino and Riverside County cities. I am here to help. Right now, we have outstanding properties available in Pasadena…In fact, amazing deals. Just give me a call at 626-641-0346.

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