Moving? Great Website 4 U

As a real estate broker, I do encounter more than my share of people who are moving, planning on moving or who would like to move…It’s a tedious business and most of look forward to moving as much as we enjoy paying taxes!

Now, I’ve found a great website that makes at least part of the ordeal easier. It’s called White Fence.

It will make your move easier and here’s how…You can change your address with the U.S. Postal Service here and you can order your new utilities, including phone, internet, cable or DSL, gas, electricity, but not water or trash. It will help you select the best bundle of services for your needs.

Not moving? It will check what you have and figure out the best deal for you. I checked it and it saved me $30 a month off my cable bill. That’s almost half a tank of gas!

Worried about environmental degradation and pollution? I hope you are. At White Fence you can purchase CO2 offsets of hydro, wind or biomass power. It’s quite cheap and it’s making me feel better, despite doing everything I can think of, short of getting off the grid, to save energy.

Beyond that, this website gives quotes from movers, auto shippers, locksmiths, plus other home services, such as maid, lawncare, pest control, furniture and appliance rental…Then, it connects to home warranty services, home and renters and auto insurance companies. This is a great site. I’m going to recommend it to all my buyers and sellers.

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