Buy Local, Buy Quality

One of the great things about living in California is the availability of fresh, quality produce. Of course, as we all know the rising price of gas has driven up other prices, especially groceries trucked or shipped in from far-away locales to astronomical heights. Luckily for us, we don’t have to buy our produce from far away. In fact, we have an abundance of fresh, organic and quality produce, flowers and many other products right here in town.

Almost every town has a Farmers’ Market where local growers bring their crops from not-so-far away and sell it for reasonable prices. Many of these markets are Certified Farmers’ Markets [CFM] which does not mean they sell only organic, though many do, but, rather, the County Agricultural Commissioner has approved these markets. Here, California producers can sell directly to the consumer, us…and are we happy about that.

Some of the towns turn Market Day into a festival with local bands and other vendors in attendance. Some of these include Monrovia, Glendora, San Dimas. Almost every night of the week you can find a Farmers’ Market somewhere close. Mondays are dark. And, only Claremont has a market open Sunday mornings. One of the best and largest around is at Victory Park in Pasadena on Saturday mornings.

Here’s a convenient chart listing all the local markets which are open usually from May through September or October.

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Pasadena San Dimas CFM Glendora CFM Covina D.Bar CFM Claremont CFM
363 E. Villa W. Bonita @N. San Dimas 140 S. Glendora N. Citrus@ San Bern Grand @ Golden Spr W 2nd @ Yale
9-1 PM 5-9 PM 5-9 PM 4-9 PM 9-2 PM 8-12 PM
W. Covina CFM Monrovia Pasadena CFM
S. Glendora N. Myrtle, Olive Victory Park
5-9 PM 5-9 PM &:30-11:30
Whittier CFM
Bailey, Greenleaf
8:30-1 PM

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