Why I Love L.A.

You know I was going to write about something else today, something serious and important whatever it was, but I got all turned around when I spotted this little tidbit in the Calendar section of The L. A. Times.

This is so completely zany, I just had to comment. It’s also sweet and certainly soft-headed. The Aero Theatre in Los Angeles has taken note of our tough economic times and is doing its bit. To wit, if you are unemployed, the theatre is offering free admission to the following flicks: Frankenstein with Boris Karloff  and The Mummy with Boris Karloff.



Then, gratis, the out-of-work could see Sons of the Desert with Laurel & Hardy and It’s a Gift with W.C. Fields. On the weekend, those with Nothing To Do could catch Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire is Roberta and Follow the Fleet.

75px-laurel-hardyfred-gingerfollow-the-fleetSunday there’s Topper and then Holiday with Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn… Just bring in your unemployment check stub and it’s all free.

Get it? These are the same films that cheered us up in THE GREAT DEPRESSION….So, all you need to do is prove you’re receiving unemployment and you’re in! Free!

And, what message is there in this exactly? We’re facing another Depression we haven’t got a name for yet? We want to do something of service but we can’t figure out what? Being unemployed means doing nothing?  Grant & Hepburn’s snappy repartee will give us will?  There’s no work, so why bother? Boris Karloff is our ticket to prosperity and good times? This message is so mixed my head is spinning. Though I am sure of one thing: the folks at the Aero mean well and are giving what they have to give…and those really are cool flicks..

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