Fraudsters & Tricksters = Bankers

Scary Clown
Image by elycefeliz via Flickr

Recently, I stumbled across this video of “Bill Moyers‘ Journal” which I had not seen. Wow! This is explosive stuff! William K. Black, bank regulator extraordinaire and author of The Best Way To Rob A Bank Is To Own One, takes the lid off the seamy, scummy world of investment banking. Showing pervasive fraud in almost every aspect of the business, he explains in easy-to-understand language why not only Clinton and Bush, but also Barack Obama along with Timothy Geithner and Henry Paulson are trying to keep the real story from us.

It’s a story of fraud and greed and it continues as long as the failed CEOs and CFOs who stole billions and are continuing to do so, remain at their posts.
This video is half an hour of talking heads, but wow!

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