More Cool Google Tricks

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Like most of America, I love Google and cannot imagine how I managed to eke out my existence BEFORE Google. When I think of all the unanswered questions and the endless hours spent hunched over dusty tomes deep in the stacks of innumerable libraries, I almost weep at the thought of what Google has brought to the world and to me!

My life is now immeasurably easier because I can just flick over to Google and find out what I need to know so quickly. In fact, it would be hard to write this blog if I didn’t have Google’s help.

So, it’s good to know that for most of us, including me, there are even MORE ways we can wring out MORE information from our Google searches. Like the libraries of yore, it’s in there and the biggest hurdle to KNOWING EVRYTHING is figuring out how to query Google.  Here are a few more tips that I have gleaned about searching Google. Instead of searching a tiny portion of this massive search engine, here are a few ways to broaden your horizons.

Ten Simple Tricks

1. Find Different Types of Files. Simply add filetype:pdf (or switch pdf to ppt or doc) after your search terms.

2. Find Materials From Educational Institutes. For times when you need a reliable source, add site:edu after your search terms.

3. Use it as a Dictionary. Simply type define:keyword into the search engine.

4. Get the Time. You can find the current time in any location by searching for time location.

5. Find out the Weather. Search for location weather to get the forecast in any location.

6. Find Live Commentary. To get the score of a game or sporting event, type in a keyword, such as cricket, while the game is going on.

7. Do Calculations. You can enter everything from simple arithmetic to trigonometry using the search box. For instance, you can enter 26 * 9000, or sin(90) / cos(90).

8. Convert Currency. Google has an inbuilt currency converter. Just enter 1 USD in EUR (or whatever currency you need).

9. Check Your Stocks. Simply enter stocks: XXXX.

10. Find Images of Faces. To find image results of people only, add imgtype=face to the image URL. For instance,

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