Websites To Help Us Weather the Recession

Despite the happy talk from Wall Street, we all know the Great Recession is not over, far from it. When California posts an employment rate of 11.4% and L.A. County 11.6% as it did yesterday, it ain’t over at all, at all. So, belt-tightening is the order of the day and, thankfully, we now have the Internet to help us save the few pennies we have left.

If you’re looking for a job, for smarter job searches, try the Riley Guide.

riley guide

Wondering how some of your financial moves will affect your credit score?  There’s a nifty website called that will help you figure out what the result will be for your credit score.  The  place to check is the middle of the page–called Credit Score Compass–it’s a simulator giving your score based on your answers to a few questions.


Here’s another great resource. Let’s say you’re running around  town looking for a job and a good one pops up in conversation. Get a grip. You can check it out fast using Free Wi-Fi available at thousands of public places. Find them at Wifi Free Spot.


Looking for thrift stores? Sometimes the best deals are right there. And, you can find almost any category of item. It all depends on what other people are donating that day or week.  Search among 8,000 charity shops at Thrift Shopper.

thrift shopper

How about finding those bargain deals? It’s more important than ever to get value for your increasingly scanty dough. Try the site “where high prices come to die”, the Graveyard Mall.  It’s better than QVC.

graveyard mall

OK, let’s say you have no money to buy things, not even at thrift stores or graveyard malls. What to do? Here’s a place to enter contests and sweepstakes of all kinds. It takes time, but you could wind up a big winner. Check out Contests


Maybe you’ve always wanted to start your own business. Depending on what you have to offer, now might be the best time in years. For help starting and running your business, go to Cayenne Consulting.

cayenne consulting

Finally, Americans used to be know for their self-reliance. Remember Ralph Waldo Emerson‘s famous essay, Self-Reliance? No? Well, it’s famous,  and we used to be famous for that, too, pioneers, woodsmen and all that. Today, we can get back some of that by going to, you guessed it! the good old Internet. Check out this how-to site, wonder how to


See? Saved the best for last. Enjoy…

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