Reach Out and Avoid Someone

Remember the old Bell Telephone ad, “Reach out and touch someone?” Yeah, you’re right. That’s so last century…Who wants that?

The new thing is leave a message and avoid  talking to anyone…So you’ve always wanted to leave a message and not talk to the person, right?

We all  thought that’s what texting was for…but it’s now possible to push avoidance to new heights! Just call 267-SLY-DIAL [267-759-3425]. There, you listen to an ad and then you can dial someone’s phone and be sent directly to voice mail, foregoing completely the possibility of having to speak to anyone!

This is great!  No annoying small talk about how are you, how’s the family, what are you up to and other such drivel. Now we can bypass the chitchat avoiding the  person altogether and get right to business!

Technology–you gotta love it…

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