How To Make Money With Twitter

Just about everyone has started using Twitter. Yes, I have Twitter accounts as well. And, lately, I’ve been hearing that Twitter is good for business uses. All well and good, but is Twitter of any use to just people?  Can you make any money using Twitter?

The answer to that turns out to be YES! And here are a few ways to make money using Twitter, which, by the way, is turning into another one of those Internet “empires”. Who would’ve thought such a simple idea–Hey, what are you doing right now?–would turn into a fantastic money maker?

OK–here’s some ideas about how you can make money on Twitter.

Find Great Deals on Twitter

If you’re on Twitter at all, no doubt you’ve noticed that everyone is getting into the act–TV anchors, politicians, celebrities. That’s fine, but what’s really interesting is businesses and stores are “tweeting” and what they have to say can save you money. Besides spewing out info about products, many are now offering short-term deals only on Twitter.

I know you don’t have all day to monitor Twitter for the deals you might want. So go to CheapTweet or CouponTweet. Both links are aggregators and will allow you to search for what you want and make lists.

Budget Better

Twitter also has a function, called TweetWhatYouSpend which  provides an easy, on-the-go way to write down everything you spend during the day. We all know how often we blow money without even realizing how much we’re wasting until we get home and find ourselves with NO MONEY.Avoid the no-money syndrome by tracking your spending.

If you have a business, Twitter has Xpenser which allows you to tweet your expenses via mobile phone. Of course, anyone can use it.

Borrow or Lend Money

If you need a bit of cash, why not borrow it from someone else on Twitter? Or, perhaps you are lending and want to keep a record. Twitter has several ways to process money.

Twitpay uses Amazon Payments to send money in increments of $0.01 to $1000.00 via Twitter. The charge is $0.05 for any transaction over $0.99.

Tipjoy, which is popular with charities that collect donations via Twitter, can send money to you via PayPal or Amazon gift card, whenever your balance is over $5. They charge a 3% transaction fee.

Twippr lets you send and receive money over Twitter using PayPal, and charges a flat 4% fee on transactions.

TipIt, which also uses PayPal, charges the most out of the services listed here. Their transaction fee is fluid and always changes, but it’s around 6%.

Avoid Bad Investments

My advice about the stock market is, as always, invest in real estate, but many continue to search for that elusive Golden Grail on the stock market.

The StockTwits site aggregates tweets about publicly traded corporations. You can search by ticker symbol on the site and get a feed of tweets about that company, including links to articles on other sites that were recently shared over Twitter. Those tweets often have a wealth of valuable information that can help you make informed decisions about your investments.

And me? Wondering where you can find me? I have several accounts, but one you might enjoy is FabDeals.

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