Diane is a real estate broker living in  and serving the entire San Gabriel Valley. She is very interested in the entire SoCal region and makes a special effort to discuss most of its counties. The intersection of politics and the real estate business fascinates her.

Diane entered the real estate business in 1992 just as the Great California Recession, which lasted 5 years, was beginning. Oh, lucky day! as she entered the business, the market tanked. That is a hard way to learn the ropes, but this time around she’s at an advantage. She really knows what she’s doing. Take a look at her website www.Diane Butler.net.

Diane is an expert in SHORT SALES. If your mortgage is delinquent, if you have missed payments or are about to, call Diane FAST. She can HELP you. For information about short sales, download her E-Book:Should I Short Sale My Home?

Besides helping distressed homeowners, Diane is also an expert in investment property. She believes that the absolute best way to invest money for ordinary, middle-income people is by buying rental property.

Contact her by email at drdbroker@yahoo.com or cell phone at 626-641-0346.

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