Bailout Bust: Politically Bankrupt

Barbarian Bush and his horde of cronies failed in their assault on the City on the Hill. A few fragile and weak defenders managed to stave off the ultimate game of chicken. Astonishingly, the defensive forces came from the progressives in the Democratic party [Kucinich, Jackson-Lee] and the most conservative Republicans [our own Rohrbacher, Issa and Hunter among them] both reluctant at first and then finally determined to repel the concerted attacks from the “leadership” of both parties.

So, is this a good thing? We the people think so. We the people are tired of the Barbarian Bush horde’s fear-mongering. For Bush and the horde, it’s always level orange if not red. Unlike one of our most beloved presidents, FDR, who told us in another time of deep despair and financial catastrophe, “You have nothing to fear but fear itself” [First Inaugural Address, March 1933, a very dark time indeed]–our current president tells us at every opportunity, “Be afraid. Be very afraid.” Be afraid of the “terrorists”, a completely meaningless term by the way. That fear led to an unprovoked war on a sovereign country, Afghanistan. Then, be very afraid of WMD. That chimera led to an unprovoked attack on another sovereign nation, Iraq. Before every election, especially 2004 when Bush seemed poised to lose, out he trots with the fear factor.

This fear factor has already sunk this country into deep debt, recession, job loss, the Katrina disaster ad nauseam. The real effect?  We the people now completely  distrust our own  government. Apparently, some very respectable lawmakers in the House and Senate think this bill is necessary, almost a majority from both parties, in fact.  We the people know, though, these same lawmakers believed the fear-mongering after 9/11. They agreed to unprovoked attacks on sovereign nations [you may know this as “preemptive strikes” or “the Bush doctrine”]. They agreed to abrogate the Constitution with the Patriot Act, surely the most ill-named bill of all time. They agreed recently to extend the FISA bill, allowing domestic spying and exempting from prosecution telecom companies who illegally agreed to do the spying at the instigation of guess who? King George, of course,

If this bailout bill is any good, why can nobody understand why this great nation must go into debt up to its neck to shovel yet more money to the bloated billionaires of Wall Street? If this bill is really necessary, why does no one bother to explain it? Listening to C-span yesterday, I heard a Republican lawmaker claim that reducing or eliminating the capital gains tax, long a right-wing talking point, of course, would solve the crisis. He, apparently, wasn’t aware that companies winking out of existence are not going to be paying capital gains tax, that gigantic losses do not attract taxes…If he was so clueless, what about the rest of us?

Then, there are the two presidential nominees who both support the bailout. Of course, McCain is lurching from position to position with all the grace of an elephant on roller skates. September 15th–the economy is strong. The next day it’s a disaster and the day after that he must “suspend” his campaign and rush to Washington to “lead” in finding a solution to the problem. Abandoning that tactic, yesterday his campaign issues a statement in which he claims credit for getting the bailout passed. Oops! Bailout didn’t pass. Do you get credit for that, too?

What about Obama? Shouldn’t he rush in and solve the credit crisis if fellow Dems and McCain fall short? That seems to be what some people are demadng that he do. But, wait…this crisis was created by Barbarian Bush and his horde. Why should Obama or any Democrat rush in to save him? Even agreeing to support Bush’s bailout was risky for Obama.

So far, many of his policies enunciated on the campaign trail, espcially and most strangely his  foreign policy statements, seem to have been adopted or coopted is perhaps the better word by Barbarian Bush. Obama struggles against everybody to demand a time line for getting out of Iraq. B.B. amd horde adopt a time “horizon” to get out.  Obama is ridiculed for suggesting during a primary debate that as president he would meet with our “enemies”. Reversing previous policy, Bush sends Rice off to talk to North Korea. Now, Obama says he would attack high-level Al Qaeda operative within Pakistan and is savaged by John McCain as “naive” for that position, but B.B. is doing exactly that.

Obama would be an idiot to rush to Washington to bail out Bush and horde because he would get no credit for it and since he is not the president he would have no power to do it his way. McCain’s campaign seems at this point to be imploding, so Obama appears to be more able to cope. Let’s all pray he can come up with a plan should he make it to the White House.