Why Do You Have Trouble Getting Help With Your Mortgage?

Where’s all the money going? We all have our  ideas… This past week, almost under the radar, the Congress passed yet another “Supplemental” war spending bill–$97 billion for our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan… And, these wars are accomplishing exactly what? Nobody seems to know.  We do know this money is supplemental to the already bloated Defense Department budget which consumes nearly 40% of the total U.S. budget.

How does it break down? Well,f or the 2009 fiscal year, the base budget rose to $515.4 billion. Adding emergency discretionary spending and supplemental spending brings the sum to $651.2 billion.  This does not include many military-related items that are outside of the Defense Department budget, such as nuclear weapons research, maintenance and production (about $9.3 billion, which is in the Department of Energy budget), Veterans Affairs (about $33.2 billion), interest on debt incurred in past wars, or the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (which are largely funded through extra-budgetary supplements, about $170 billion in 2007). As of 2009, the United States government is spending about $1 trillion annually on defense-related purposes.

Military discretionary spending accounts for more than half of the U.S. federal discretionary spending, which is all of the U.S. federal government budget that is not appropriated for mandatory spending. Every year it rises, but it is not sustainable. Soon, the government will not be able to make mandated payments, such as Social Security and Medicare, which are in direct support of its citizens–US–since it will be too impoverished  supporting military adventures abroad and monstrous military expenditures at home. Altogether the US is spending HALF  of the entire world’s military budget, over 8 times as much as the next biggest spender, China.

There you have it. In case you’re wondering why you get no help with health care or your mortgage, that’s why.


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Funny Video About Health Care

This is actually a funny video about the opponents of health care, especially universal health care. We’ve all seen them going nuts all over telelvision, US Representatives, TV personalities, FOX personnel…We’ve all noticed they’re not making a lot of sense. As President Obama said today, echoing perhaps what Bill Maher said as well, opponents are saying the government messes up everything and we don’t want the government to ruin our current health care system, “the best in the world.” Then, they say that having a government plan competing with the private system would be “unfair” because everybody would want it?!!  Huh?  Make up your minds, guys…

Caution: this following video is brought to you by a union. Yes, a union. Specifically the SEIU. Good job over there.  Unions are not usually noted for their sense of humor. My impression is more the length of their meetings…This is pretty funy about an organization called Healthy Americans Against Health Reform [HAARM].

Having lived in Canada for a number of years with universal health care, I can only laugh at the ridiculous statements being made about it. Is Canada socialist? The Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper would certainly beg to differ. Canada actually has a political party that is “socialist”, always a minority party…And, the health care system works great. It is a wonderful relief not to worry about paying for it or wondering if fellow citizens are being denied it for lack of money…

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