How To Make Money in 2009

The New Year is upon us once again. Most of us can hardly wait to see the back of 2008, one of the worst financial years in memory. The stock market has lost to 35% of its value, home prices in L.A. County have dived 35% over the past year, and the unemployment rate has skyrocketed.  It hardly even seems to matter that gas prices have dropped an average of 72%!

Most of us have high hopes for 2009. It can’t come fast enough. To make 2009 a better year, financially at least, than 2008 here are list of money-making websites.

Job Searching?

To do smarter job searches, use this highly rated directory of online employment and career websites.  Here are job listings, how to write a knock’em-dead resume,  tops on interviewing, salary guides and negotiating the best deal for yourself. Find it all at Riley Guide.

Want to Improve Your Business?

Here’s a master guide to online resources for starting, running and building a business. Go to

Looking for a Thrift Store?

Search among more than 8.000 charity-driven shops by ZIP code, city or state to find bargains galore. Why pay retail? Go to The Thrift Shopper.

Want  Bargain Deals?

With regular retail slashing prices, imagine what discount sites are doing. Why not seek the sites  “where high prices come to die”? Look no further than The Graveyard Mall.

Looking to Hit It Big?

Sometimes the lottery seems the only way to go. But, did you know there are thousands of contests with tens of thousands of prizes offereed every day? I remember when I was a kid one of our Girl Scout leaders made a very nice living simply by entering obscure contests and winning. She was a stay-at-home mom and because of her winnings never had to work outside her home. Today, find up=to-date-listings of sweepstakes and creative contests of all types–recipes, photos, videos, you-name-it. Check out

Searching for the best bank rates?

Is your bank paying 1% or less on your savings account? 2 or 3% on CDs? Let’s say you want to keep some money in a bank account,b ut would like to make at least something on it while you’re waiting to find that perfect property at 2009’s bargain prices and interest rates. Where should you be putting that dough? At Money Aisle banks bid for your cash. Participating banks–108 at last count–jostle each other to offer you their best rates on FDIC-insured certificates of deposit [CDs]. You enter the amount you want to invest and the time period, then the banks give it their best shot. Of course, there is no charge to use the site and you are not required to take any of the offers.

There you have it–a cornucopia of online sites to help you make 2009 not only a Happy, but a Prosperous New Year!!!